Reclaimed Wood Media Console Table

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Reclaimed wood media console – Wood recycling console is the process by which clean wood waste, which contains no contaminants or hazardous materials such as glue, paint with lead, asbestos, or creosote, flakes chipped and used to make new products. The branches of the trees, strains, pallets and clean sites in construction wood discards are all examples of clean wood waste. Recycling reduces the new logging, which preserves the forests that are the habitat of many birds and animals, and reduces the incidence of soil erosion.

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Wood that is recycled is diverted from landfills and reduces the number of new places yet to create to become landfill. The process is simple. Load the residue of reclaimed wood media console which contains stones, substrate or metal into the hopper and leaves to move by conveyor belt within the drum filter, which is crossed by small parts, while the big falling into a tub. It separates wood floating in the bathtub with an upper conveyor, positioned beneath the surface of the water. It transports the Driftwood towards the front of the classifier.

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Moving, using a low conveyor, heavier soaked wood and stones from the bottom of the tub, transportation to the rear of the classifier to eliminate them. Collect wood on the front of the classifier with a front loader. Expose reclaimed wood media console to industrial magnets, to separate any metal mix.

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