Reclaimed Wood Vanity Furniture

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Reclaimed wood vanity – Bead Board adds a decorative finish to a bathroom vanity level otherwise. Home remodeling enthusiasts will save money by installing bead Board themselves. Although it requires a basic knowledge of tools, most homeowners installation complete in a single weekend. Bead Board is a still impressive, simple feature, bathroom which will revive an old vanity or exhibit new accessories.

Determine the height of the wall you want to that Board to get grain. Use a level to mark a straight line through the wall. Disconnect the supply lines and sink drains. Remove the vanity by cutting through with a knife and pry the unit away from the wall reclaimed wood vanity using a hammer and lever rod. Measure the dimensions of the wall and mark the measurements on your bead Board. Trim panel with a circular saw.

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Align the panel with the wall reclaimed wood vanity and mark the location of the lines of drainage and supply in the back. Place the breadboard down on the work surface and holes large enough to accommodate pipes and tubes for the sink. Apply adhesive for construction on the back of the bead Board and attach to the wall. Having a friend to pull the drainage and lines through the holes and align the panel with the line marked on the wall in the first step.

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