Recycle Wood Ladders Decorative

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Recycle wood ladders into a decorative element. That’s what you do with an old staircase that no longer is used.  Old ladders, most wood, and rarely used, but with a little imagination and good ideas can take advantage and give them a utility different, there are other uses of a ladder: coffee table, shelf, towel … Perfect in any room of the house! Besides coffee table, next to the sofa, a ladder can become a clever shelf.  As a library, display of photographs, magazine, table … the possibilities of decoration with a staircase in the living room are many.

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The idea of placing wood ladders next to the bed as a nightstand is just one of the possibilities of recycling of this piece of wood. Have you thought about using it as a shoemaker? It will let you have the common footwear located and close at hand. Another idea is to use the rungs hanging rods as shirts, jackets and other garments short, that is, use it as cupboard.

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where we accumulate more objects, and therefore an extra storage area is never over. Old wood ladders become a makeshift cupboard in which to hang the more decorative pieces, or those who need to have at hand when cooking. Other ideas for the recycling of stairs in the kitchen is to hang it on the wall and use hooks to hang her pans and others, or even on the ceiling, in an original way to save space.

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