Refectory Table Ideas With Chair

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Refectory table – The dining table has become a piece of furniture that is expected to be in every kitchen, and today there are as many different types to choose from that we are definitely in poor state, especially when we look at what other employees for eating your meals, this is of course once they stopped using the soil.

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The first people to use a refectory table ideas the form in which we know it, were the Greeks. It was not made of wood as the typical table that we know today, which was made of stone or metal type.

When not using the table below, it is stored under the bed and did it again when it was necessary. But chairs were not used with the village of table follows in principle had the same idea of keeping food and floor plates.

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The table idea became popular and the romans were those who brought to Italy in the form of the Mensa Lunata, this type of refectory table ideas was a semicircular table and although there is almost any kind of documentation from the middle ages to test this, know that they were mainly used by people who were well off and able to celebrate holidays and festivals.

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