Refinish Cherry Wood Dining Table

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Refinish Cherry Wood Dining Table – Cherry is unlike any other wood. Although considered a hardwood, it has a pattern of unusual curly grain that creates many problems for the wood finisher during staining and finishing. Cherry requires a little extra attention to detail when preparing wood for dyeing, the dyed wood as a finish is added. However, refinishing cherry wood is moderately easy, and you can usually touch in a day or less.

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To refinish cherry wood dining table the first is remove any finish on the table below. Although bare sand cherry can never be coarse sandpaper but you need to do this to remove the old finish.

Cherry darkens over time without any stain; however, if you want the dark immediately, stain the table with a cherry stain. Apply a topcoat of diluted polyurethane using a cotton cloth. Once this coating has dried, clean throughout the table with steel wool. The wool will smooth out uneven areas in the enamel layer and down some rough edges or bubbles. Apply two or three coats of polyurethane undiluted, using a fine brush or rubbing it on. Choose satin, semi gloss or gloss to refinish cherry wood dining table.

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