Remove The Tongue And Groove Interior Wood Paneling

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Interior wood paneling – As wood floors, tongue and groove panels are held in place by hidden nails. Remove the cut corner of the wall with a crowbar. Pull up on the adjustment until the nail is released, then pull the nail with a hammer.

Remove the bezel on the system board in the same way, then remove the molding at the top of the wall. Slide the lever under the nearest table in the corner nearest him one of the nails that have been exposed by the removal of the adjustment as you can. Pry the board until the nail is released, then pull out the nail with the hammer. Remove all nails in this way, then remove the seal of interior wood paneling.

Use a second hammer instead of a pry bar if the board is stuck so firmly that you can not work a lever underneath. Place the clip between the back plate and the wall, then tap with another hammer to work the nail below. The strength of tapping probably loosen the nail head, but if not, pry up when inserted enough claw. Remove the remaining series together in this manner until all interior wood paneling have been removed..

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