Removing Slats Faux Wood Blinds

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Determine how many want to be removed and pull the lift cords which go through the bottoms of the slats of the blinds unnecessary. It removes the unnecessary strips and slide into the base track on the rope ladder rang directly under the last board of the blind. Pass the wires through hole openings of the bottom rail and then throughout the sticks. Tie knots in the cords and start your blinds.

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Faux wood blinds fully extend beyond the blinds of the window and make sure they are in the closed position. Slide the bottom railing and blind put aside.

Faux wood blinds – If you have strange sized windows or want to fit”high” faux wood blinds in a shorter window size, you can remove extra strips installed close to the bottom of the blind. Lots of men and women avoid doing this if your windowsill is big enough to permit the base rail of the shade to rest in it. If it comes to windows with a narrow ledge, you have to get rid of more strips to the blind to create a more uniform and suitable aspect.

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