Repainting Butcher Block Kitchen Table

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Butcher block kitchen table – are a modern invention originally designed for cutting meat by professional butchers. The first blocks were hard maple butcher north because of the hardness of the wood, making it extremely durable. In fact, a butcher block was so thick and tough that a butcher usually uses the same long butcher block his career. When the surface was pitted and rough, the butcher brushed the top of the block to create a new smooth surface. Today, the butcher block is also used for counter tops and tables. Butcher Block is also available in other types of wood such as oak, cherry and walnut.

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Sand the butcher block kitchen table using an orbital sander loaded with 150- to 180-grit sandpaper. Keep the sander moving smoothly on the table. Stopping at one place will result in uneven sanding work. Change the sandpaper and sand again with sandpaper 220 grit sanding Move in the direction of the wood grain. Smooth table sanding with sandpaper grit 320. The fine-grained sandpaper establish the fibers 320 and leave the table prepared for dyeing, if desired.

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of the stain with a stain penetration transparent or semi-transparent stain. Use a brush to apply the stain, applying the stain with the grain of the wood for butcher block kitchen table. Allow the stain to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe the table with tung oil applied with a soft cloth. Wait five to 10 minutes, then wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess oil tung. Let dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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