Rubber Floor Tiles

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Rubber Floor Tiles – The raw material for rubber flooring made up of synthetic rubber, commonly SBR rubber. Small amounts of natural rubber can occur in the rubber floor. Kaolin, chalk and carbon black with the color pigments are the most common fillers and additives that provide rubber floors its properties and appearance.

Rubber floor tiles are manufactured either in sheets or on a roll. Rubber flooring is manufactured in three steps; mixing, calendaring and vulcanization. Vulcanization of rubber flooring tiles is made ​​in presses. Rubber Flooring Roll vulcanized in a continuous process. The back of the plates or rollers either sanded or covered with a polyester fabric to improve. Rubber flooring is smooth, embossed and embossed surface in numerous colors and designs. Soft, supple and durable. Rubber is both strong and durable, but additionally comfortable to walk on. Alto Novella Rubber flooring withstands bumps and scratches and keeps nicely for a long time, making it an extremely affordable option.

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Rubber floor tiles are often supplied with a protective surface that needs to be removed during construction cleaning, there are also rubber flooring that is delivered with the finishing. Rubber flooring can be operated with dry or wet methods and simple cleaning methods with care chemicals purpose cleaners, wax or polish.

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