Rubber Flooring Vs Brick Vinyl Flooring

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Brick vinyl flooring – Rubber flooring with asbestos are quite easily recognizable. New rubber mats typically contain synthetic rubber SBR. This can be toxic nitrosamines (it varies depending on the brand) and carcinogenic vinyl poses a problem. Rubber flooring is environmentally better than PVC but not a first choice. In the bathroom, they could be an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC but they are not at present.

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Different with mature brick vinyl flooring can contain asbestos (asbestos in the form of cardboard on carpet backing) or be glued with glue containing asbestos (usually black). When such carpets are torn releases large amounts of dangerous asbestos fibers. If you live in a house with plastic mats hospitalized between 1950 and 1977 should therefore allow investigating possible asbestos content before the mats are torn out. Sometimes a visual inspection suffices and we will send you a piece of flooring with underlying securities for analysis.

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If the floor is found to contain asbestos, the best rule to allow the carpet to remain and seal it with an ecological brick vinyl flooring materials. The alternative is to let a pest control company to tear out the carpet. Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about brick vinyl flooring.

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