Secret Tips To Build Glider Rocking Chair

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Mark location of mounting holes on each side. Step 1 inch pin 12 1/4 inches with measuring tape. Tang Cut two pieces 12 1/4 inches with circular saw. Put part A horizontally at top of Part C. pilot holes in each part with electric drill and fasten with screws. Insert each end of 12 1/4 inch heels on a seesaw. Put pieces for Part At the end of Section C and under border Secure Part B. Part A to Part C and Part B with screws. Place rocker inside a part A and secure with screws. Place pieces for Section D in rockers and secure bearings.  is ready!

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Chair is adjusted to side supports of base, which are attached to a rocker. Rockers are attached to main base unit.

How to construct glider rocking chair? Print drawings base Rocker Plans. Transfer drawing tagged as”An” on sheet of 3/4 inch plywood. Cut shape of plywood with a decoration. This measures portion 8 1/4 inches long by 10 5/8 inches wide.  Transfer drawing marked Part A in plywood, and then cut out shape. Repeat this step for Section B, Part C and two matching pieces for Part D.

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