Setting Adjustable Height Coffee Table

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Many people who buy a coffee table do not take into account the relationship between the height of the table and the adjustable height coffee table of the furniture that you can. Sometimes a table that looks good outside the home appears too low once it is in the house. The solution is to adjust the height. Determine the highest amount you want your coffee table it. Table height is usually 30 inches. If you have stools or high temperatures, such as dining chairs chairs, you will have to lift the coffee table 37 inches.

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Photography of the legs of the adjustable height coffee table. This will help determine the style of the pre-turned furniture that you buy from the local home center legs. Buy a leg for each leg of the coffee table. Match stain or paint the table while you’re there. Turn the coffee table upside down so that the ends of the legs are in the air. Remove any non-wood materials such as wheels, glides or Foot Guards.

You need a wrench, hammer or chisel wood, depending on the type of hardware that must be removed. Keep the near hardware that you might have to reinstall it if new legs do not come with the hardware. Find the center of one leg of the adjustable height coffee table. Mark the center with the pen. Drill a 2-inch hole in the leg on the mark. Make the hole 1/4 inch deep. Put a few drops of wood glue into the hole. Touch one of the pins into the hole firmly. Let the set dry. Repeat this step for each leg.

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