Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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Shaker kitchen cabinets – Shakers lived in simple, efficient and self-sustaining communities, and the houses that built follow similar principles of simplicity and functionality. A focus on quality, order and cleaning is still done to the style of the popular Shaker for today’s kitchens. Shaker style Awards function and efficiency.

Shaker kitchen cabinets work well when they are arranged in a design shaker kitchen cabinets ideas that simplifies the traffic through to the kitchen and is compatible with a triangle of efficient work, which is defined by the National Association of kitchen and bathroom as the border created if a straight line is drawn from the kitchen sink, the stove to the refrigerator and the refrigerator to the sink.

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Neatness and function are important in the shaker kitchen cabinets design. The Shaker style flees from the disorder, what a kitchen Shaker has space in the spacious and well organized closet with a place for everything. Explore options for built-in features of cabinets such as racks, drawers for spices, knife drawers, pull-out or tip over garbage bins, sliding racks for small appliances and rotating trays for pots and pans to create a kitchen that is functional, organized and uncluttered. High overhead cabinets that extend to the ceiling of the kitchen using all of the available vertical space and help keep the mess of the kitchen countertop and the door closed.

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