Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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Shaker style awards function and efficiency. Shaker style kitchen cabinets work well when they are arranged in a design that simplifies the traffic through the kitchen and is compatible with a triangle of efficient work defined by the National Association of Kitchen and Bath as the border created when a straight line is drawn from the sink to the stove, from the stove to the refrigerator and the refrigerator back to the sink.

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Shaker style kitchen cabinets strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship. Cabinets sturdy, well made with dovetail joinery on the inner corners resist wear and maintain a Shaker style kitchen looking and performing like new for years to come. Shakers built their own closets and furniture from native woods of the Colonial Zone, now the northeastern United States, so cherry and maple are common materials for kitchen cabinets shaker, while woods like mahogany and hickory are not forests Shaker traditional.

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Cabinet doors in the characteristics of the shaker style kitchen cabinets wardrobes panels made of a flat slab of wood with a simple frame around the edges. These recessed panel doors and drawer fronts create smooth straight lines across the breadth of the sides of the cabinet.

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