Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Installation

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Single handle kitchen faucet – Single faucet handle kitchen faucet design ball Assembly which, as its name suggests, can be identified by a metal or plastic hollow spheres of the faucet housing. The ball itself round in top three rubber valve seats. Most of the problems associated with the ball from a tap can be traced back to the valve seats is that the real ball. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to remove the key components to make the necessary improvements.

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Cut the water supply to the sink by turning each of two valve under the sink is unidirectional. Lift the faucet handle to access the screws at the base of the single handle kitchen faucet. Screws are usually located in the front part of the handle to the front the basic grip. Loosen the handle’s save the screws with the hex wrench. Lift the handle until it separates from the faucet Assembly to expose the tap conical Cap.

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Wrap both jaws adjustable pliers with tape masking to prevent full mating the single handle kitchen faucet cover. We understand basic knurled top with pliers and turn the lid in the opposite direction, until it separates from the faucet Assembly to expose the cam circular spigot. Levante Tenon circular cam key, followed by a cam under the faucet cam washer to expose the ball. Attach the vertical bar on the top of the ball. Pull the ball out of the box wrench to expose three seats.

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