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Slate laminate flooring – Laminate flooring is made from fibers that are laminated together and then sealed with melamine resin. Laminate flooring is sometimes called floating floor as part joined together directly and not nailed to the sub floor. Laminate flooring is often used as substitute for real wood flooring, but also can be made to look like ceramic tile, stone or slate. Pictures make high-quality color or pattern. The top layer provides a durable finish. Some manufacturers make a relief surface texture or grain with natural products. Color choices are virtually limitless.

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Slate laminate flooring is installed as a floating floor. This means that no glue or other adhesive required during installation. Pieces of slate laminate flooring are designed to fit perfectly into place and create a solid and stable floor. A foam pad is placed under the tiles before installation to reduce the noise created when walking on the floor. Slate Laminate flooring can be installed very quickly when all the necessary tools are available

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Your home is your castle. Choosing a floor the color you like, but keep in mind if soon tire of fashionable colors. Conventional colors that mimic wood or slate laminate flooring colors have a timeless appeal and can have a resale value that is higher than the brilliant, contrasting colors of the rainbow. You can always change the furniture or the floor, but it would be easier and cheaper to choose a color you can live for years

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