Solid Wood Exterior Doors

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Solid wood exterior doors – Often the focus of a facade, an exterior door can come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Whether you are looking for in glass sliders that open to a backyard garden, a rustic entrance to a woodsy cabin or tall double doors of the main entrance gorgeous, selecting exterior doors take stock of their priorities: energy efficiency, cost, practicality or general aesthetic feel of the house.

Traditionally, the options for materials doors were made of wood or metal. Wood offers warm and historic houses complements, but is more susceptible to erosion. Metal doors are weather-resistant, but many are less aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, modern exterior doors are available in a wider range of materials, including wood and metal combination, as well as composites of fiberglass. You can opt for a wooden door with an interior of reinforced steel, or a steel door, essentially solid wood exterior doors. A fiberglass door could come with a wooden frame.

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Solid wood exterior doors may be flush doors with smooth surfaces or panel doors with insertion bevels and multiple pieces. Panel doors offer a slightly more finished look and tend to be more expensive than simple flush doors. When buying a new door, usually buys a complete entry system with a re-hung door already established within its framework.

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