Spanish Style Decorating Ideas

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Spanish style decorating ideas, select thick wooden furniture with intricate carvings and patterns or hand-printed, made from dark woods like teak, mahogany and ebony. Choosing furniture trimmed brass, copper, tile and wrought iron. Choose oversize upholstered furniture to match the large pieces of timber that share the room with. Elect for couches and leather bound, heavy upholstery and clothing seats.

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Paint your walls in hot colors such as terracotta, muted shades of green, yellow and golden burnished. Use rich jewel tones such as red wine and purple amethyst accent walls. Employ textured paint to emulate the irregular surface of plaster and stucco. Most paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams Behr and create textured paintand can be purchased at any store home improvement.

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Spanish style decorating ideas has its origins at the villas and cottages at the Mediterranean. Since Spain expanded its empire in the New World, brought your decorating style together with him. But the Spanish design was affected by the cultures of the peoples he conquered, and today is a mixture of Aztec, Mexican and traditional Spanish colonial decor with a little Southwestern thrown in for good measure. Spanish style isn’t confined to a large estate. You can produce on your home no matter where you live.

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