Special Orange Pouf

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Determined by our tastes and needs choose most suitable in stability with rest of environment. Leather, synthetics, sober, elegant Moroccan style, odd, giant, lines offer modular functionality, dynamism and a touch of modernity alike. As well as many chances to combine them

Although its name suggests discomfort or fatigue one of exclamation poof! Nothing to do with reality. On contrary they’re practically synonymous with relaxation. For poof it’s called low, soft seats, arms or thighs. A piece made to relax, sit back and relax emerged as cushion but has gained demonstrations and assorted sizes with common denominator of their versatility. In here will speak exclusive orange pouf.

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Orange pouf is cosmetic and practical accessory which can accommodate to some place in house. Although its primary function is to chair, there polyvalent models shaped desk, bed, footrest or useful container storage with hinged lid. They will always be there if we need them if guests come without eliminating area as they can be put in a little corner or under a table. In bedroom, living room, bath, playroom… we will find them in original layouts especially fun in children, and prepared materials for both interior and exterior, made in order to fit body.

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