Square Coffee Table With Drawers

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Square coffee table with drawers – Square table with drawer is a useful piece of furniture. This design allows the customization of the dimensions and the number drawers installed. Adjust these options will generate a unique piece of furniture that are perfectly suited to the needs and space. Foot 2 of 2 through the publication of 24 inches and has Wizard keep them parallel each other, so there is a space between them 10 inch. Place 1/2 by 3 by 4 inches above them together with the side of your floor a post. The center of the Board in the previous post at the time and the shorter dimension.

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Set 1 by 18 board mouth down 18 inches on the surface of the work. Position square coffee table with drawers setting two feet on the table, with exactly 10 inches of space between the two series of posts. Dimensions of the center between the edge of the tabletop feet length. The four drilling through each table leg support and to the table. Attach the leg support Board table with wood screws 1 1/4 inch on each hole.

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Place the bin in a clearance of 12 inches between the legs of the table. Mark the location of the square coffee table with drawers of board of fund on the inside of the legs of the table respectively. Remove the drawer and the holding of a meeting of 1/2 by 1/2-by 12-inch against any mark so that the top of the Board with the sign. Drill a hole for each Board and each foot touches. Place boards on each foot with a 3/4-inch wood screw. Slide the drawer in this Board and repeat for additional drawer.

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