Staining Kitchen Cabinets Black Onyx

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Staining kitchen cabinets – Change the look of your cabinets can go a long way toward updating the look of your kitchen. A coat of paint or stain black onyx will give your kitchen a sleek, modern look and disguise the ground every day. The key to a working professional looking paint or stain is the proper preparation of the surface. Take time to do things right and you’ll be well on your way to a new kitchen.

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Follow staining kitchen cabinets below. If they are simply screwed into the wall, unscrew them, download them and place them on a canvas in a clean work space. If the cabinets are built in or too heavy to move, left in place. Tape surrounding wall cabinets, remove everything from the counter space beneath them and rosin paper tape on them. Remove the doors and closet shelves and unscrew and remove all hardware. Sand the surface of the cabinets and shelves with sandpaper grit 320. Brush away most of the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner hose, a brush or a dry cloth.

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Clean the sanding surface with a tack cloth. Pour the paint or staining kitchen cabinets in a separate container. The brush will inevitably pick up debris as you use it. Painting a separate container from contamination from the main supply of paint or stain. Paint the box with a layer of paint black onyx. Re-mount cabinets once the last layer has cured by the amount of time recommended on the label.

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