Staining Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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Staining kitchen cabinets – A quick and effective way to renew a kitchen is to stain the cabinets with fresh paint and, to really add contrast and a chic appeal, consider using multiple colors. If you do not want to cover up the wood look of your kitchen cabinets and still want to add a little personality, then toning your cabinets with multiple color patches are a good alternative. Just remember that when making this design, you must choose colors that complement each other and still have enough contrast to stand out.

If you have a traditional style cabinets that have crown moldings and wood decals, dye them a darker color and then color the rest of the staining kitchen cabinets (doors and drawers are included), the lighter color. This will enable the decorative parts of your cabinet to stand out.

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The idea staining kitchen cabinets to choose spots that complement each other is to find two that have similar hues and tones, such as a red, brown or yellow. You can also choose spots that are colored, such as black, green or blue and uses a light maple stain. You must consider the type of wood that stains will apply because each wood has its own natural undertones, adding color on the spot. It is always a good idea to take a door from your cabinet in the paint shop and have a variety of colors put on. This will not only give you an idea of ​​how that particular color looks on the wood but also how the different colors will look together.

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