Staining Kitchen Cabinets Labor

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Lay plastic sheet onto the ground. Remove the hardware and cabinet hinges. Put the cabinet doors in plastic sheeting in the positions, allowing room to walk along the rows. Use plastic sheeting and masking tape off all surfaces from the kitchen . The use of safety equipment, clean the cabinets, drawers and doors with acetone to remove oils and grease still on the surface of the wood.

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Scrub down staining kitchen cabinets with mild soap and water. Prepare a work space in a garage or shaded outdoor location. When an area is used outdoors, mowing the lawn and yard to prevent any accidental runoff of chemicals are damaging to adjacent plants.

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Refinish old furniture and staining kitchen cabinets labor, however, the steps aren’t difficult and is a job that could easily be done by an easy homeowner with often stunning results. Refinishing kitchen cabinets you can add immediate value to your property. If you’re preparing your house available with sparkling, new cabinets appearing will help give the kitchen that upgrades the feeling that buyers are looking for.

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