Step To Make A Quilted Headboard

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Quilted headboard – The first will make marks on the board oakum about 20 feet away. When we have all brands, with drill we going to do about augers. El next step to make a quilted headboard will be make holes in the foam. With a punch, let’s go boring piece in which we scored points with the pen.

To do this, simply spin the punch and prisoner. Then we will upholster the piece. We begin by the middle of each side (making a spider) and then from the center to the corners. It is important to tighten the fabric well and give them a small area in which we set the grape.

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Since only the buttons will enter into the holes. To do this, we use yarn and needles mattress. We introduce the thread on the needle, and then each needle hole so that it is the button on the outside of the headboard. It is important to tighten pressure well and to give that effect.

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So the button is secured, besides giving a knot on the inside of the headboard, you can also staple the wire to the piece of plywood oakum. So we avoid the button is svelte. To finish, simply set the quilted headboard on the wall. In our case, we will fix it with some hooks to the head so it is as close to the wall.

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