Styles Of Queen Anne Sofa

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Style Queen Anne sofa is named after the eighteenth century Queen Anne Stuart, daughter of King James II, known for its beauty and elegance. Since the demand for luxury furniture Queen Anne has resurfaced, you can find the sophisticated style in many antique shops and furniture salons nationwide. Styles of Queen Anne sofa most are more suitable for formal settings, traditional living room.

Queen Anne era had introduced moveable wood and wooden legs in cabriole legs sofa design. Most wood trim is a dark mahogany color that adds depth and elegance style. Queen Anne sofa carpentry tends to be decorated with handmade carvings emphasizing the upholstery.

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Textured fabrics, striped patterns and floral designs are commonly used in Queen Anne sofas. These patterns often include darker colors such as green, dark golden yellow, brown and chocolate icing. Queen Anne sofas usually have tufted fabrics button on the seat and back of the bed.

Queen Anne sofas often incorporate camel design in the structure of the bed. The style camel is a gentle rocking design resembling the humps of a camel rolling. Sofa upholstery follows the camel-back wooden scroll describing the back of the bed. Queen Anne sofa was comfortably seat two adults or three little guys. It is usually used to decorate a living room or great room.

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