Stylish Solid Wood Dresser

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Solid wood dresser – All wood requires a protective finish to maximize the life it is. This is especially true in a dresser that often receives daily use, which increases the wear applied to wood surfaces. A common finishing option that can be used to provide protection to their sideboard needs a coat of paint. In addition to protection, painting also serves as a decorative accent for your comfort. Careful use of masking paint cupboard sections with two colors, you can create a look for your dresser that stands out even more, matching your chosen decoration.

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Place a large piece of cloth on the floor of your work space and move the dresser in the center of the canvas for painting. Remove the solid wood dresser drawers and pull handles comfortable with a screwdriver. Put a pair of chemical resistant gloves and a face mask to protect your skin and lungs of the stripper. Remove the existing paint or finish comfortable with brush on a layer of chemical citrus-based stripper with a paintbrush.

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Mask any part of the solid wood dresser does not intend to cover with paint with a strip of adhesive tape. Brush a coat of primer on the dresser with a brush using multiple thin layers to build the full coat. Apply the primer in rows, overlapping rows slightly to avoid creating obvious scratches on the surface of the dresser, and work with the grain of the wood. Paint the first color in the comfortable using a brush, using the same application process used to build the primer coating. Using masking paper secured in place with adhesive tape to cover parts of the dresser not want to apply the second color of paint.

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