Temporary Blinds In Simple Trick

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3. Fixed: Tapes above window frame, taking care to completely cover glass. Best if paper pops over border a bit. When you want to remove, use alcohol to remove traces of adhesive tape.

2. To fold: Carefully make a fold approximately two centimeters in width specifications, continued on wrong side and right, as if you were making a fan. That means you will imitate shape. Make sure that folds are well aligned and marked, more you notice, they will look better from out.

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You might have just moved into a new house and are not ready blinds controlled to do, or maybe you sent clean they’ve been put, don’t have parts on hand and now you realize that you are in sight of all acquaintances. How to spend trance without resorting to simple pieces of paper pasted on windows? Improvises temporary blinds that, believe it or not, could happen to be accurate with this simple trick:

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1. To create temporary blinds, first Pick type and color of paper you would like: from white to brown onion paper sheets of Kraft paper. If statement is not large enough to pay your window, create one only joining several copies. Calculate amount considering it will fold paper and shrink bit.

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This gallery is about temporary blinds.