The Beautiful Moroccan Poufs

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Japan, pads are made to be comfortable, often sold in the set. A small square or round pillow known as a zabuton at zafu. When you sit cross-legged on the zafu, your feet rest comfortably in the zabuton. Although this moroccan poufs was traditionally of silk or rayon, a more modern style using natural fibers like buckwheat.

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Moroccan poufs – Floors pads are a fantastic accessory to any home, since they are decorative as well as useful. Located on one of the watch TV, or use numerous pillows the floor as an excess Chair to get guests. They are also ideal for Japan or Morocco dinner around a table. Choose a style that unites with you, because you will leave them into the side that you don’t need to use them. Sitting in this Seat is not typical of the civilization of Japan. On the flip side, people gathered around a table for dining or tea sitting pillows rectangle called a zabuton.

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In Morocco, a puff is a small round floor pillow, usually of leather, used for eating. To sit Your knee separated from the property, because they are generally relatively higher than traditional cushions. , with design inspired by the mat, usually hand woven in wool or cotton.

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