The Easiest Way To Remove A Peel And Stick Laminate Flooring

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Peel and stick laminate flooring – Many homeowners choose to install peel and stick laminate floor in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom to change the look of a room without spending too much money on materials or installation. To change the flooring in a room with peel and stick flooring, remove the old tiles before you can install the new floor.

You cannot remove peel and stick laminate flooring without a few tools you can find on a basic hardware store. Buy a floor scraper in order to achieve tile in confined spaces or fewer jobs, using a putty knife with a rigid end on it. A heat gun also means removing the tile easier since it weakens the glue, but it is not absolutely necessary. You must also have to remove the glue leftover that can be as simple as hot water and a cloth or may require a special adhesive solvent.

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Insert scraper or spatula along one of the seams where the old peel and stick laminate flooring connects to other tiles. If the tile is loose, you should be able to wedge the spatula easy, but if the tile is old, you may need to use a heat gun or press a hammer to force it under the old tile. Continue to lift around the edges of each tile. If you make a large space, it is beneficial to have another person starts at the other end of the room.

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