The History Of Traditional Fainting Sofa

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A fainting sofa is a sofa with the traditional back of any sofa, tall and strong, but unlike the common, one of the sides is raised as much as the backrest. The most common model had the raised side and the opposite side of the backrest, creating a sort of safeguard for patient intimate.

Fainting sofa is an old armchair that has been used for centuries and which has a very particular design, but with the modern trend to rescue past elements back into fashion and is in most houses major design of the world. This furniture emerged in the nineteenth century, when they were very popular, especially among women.

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Around the issue of recurrent fainting women at that time, some theories have been put forward in the vision protruding male on female habit at the time of collapse. But perhaps one of the theories that has persisted for the prevalence of fainting sofa, is that women actually fainted as a result of using corsets very closely, which restricts blood flow.

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However, it is unlikely because the images that remain from the time, shows women riding or playing tennis, but basically performing very strenuous activities with their corsets, without them having major difficulties.

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