The Interior Solid Wood Front Doors

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The interior solid wood front doors are ideal for any flat or house. All models can be added bars, nails and apply any. You have the ability to install the fronts of the cabinets to match these doors. Change the interior doors require a relatively high investment, it is appropriate to know the materials well before deciding on one or another catalog.

The solid wood front doors, plywood and veneer lacquered doors have gained ground in recent times against old and fragile hollow models. The solid wood doors are sturdy and durable but more expensive, are made entirely of wood, while the agglomerate are a cheaper alternative, since they are based on a core of DM covered with a thin veneer of natural wood gives a finish similar to the solid.

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As for the painted solid wood front doors, it is agglomerated models whose finish is achieved by several layers of lacquer available in a wide range of colors, allowing satisfy any decorative style. All panels can incorporate glass or quarters, and help to separate spaces allow light comes smoothly transit zones.

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Dimensions. Generally, the standard measures of the doors are around 70 or 80 cm wide and 202 cm or 210, although it is increasingly common to be asked to larger models, made to measure for spaces wider.

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