Tips Square Dining Table Seats 8 In The Apartment

Posted on Kitchen & Dining Room

Square dining table seats 8 in the apartment are no separate kitchen but just a hideaway kitchenette. How will I fit sleeping and working, living and dining room in one?

You can furnish your studio so that it feels comfortable and that you also have everything you need for example square dining table seats 8. I have defined the different zones in the room based on functions, and tried to create dynamism in the room. Room divided substantially into a respective one night.

At the far end of the room, I placed “night activities”. To the left, protected by panel curtains, there is a dressing area with dresser, mirror and chair. Next door there is the sleeping area with a bed, bedside lamps, etc. The rest of the room is now free for other furniture. Opposite the bed is the sofa that forms a seating area along with the bed. It becomes the “living room” next to the window, with the ability to socialize comfortably with friends. The other part of the room serves as a work and dining. I have drawn a long table, 220×55 cm. One part becomes the unit of work you do, and the other part is a square dining table seats 8 with a folding table top. It will be an optimal solution with two tables in one.

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