How To Build A Tufted Headboard

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A tufted headboard can create drama in any room while also adding interesting texture and a focal point. Creating a tufted headboard can do at home for a fraction of the cost and provide the same sense of luxury like a headboard sold commercially. Depending on the level of experience and patience, a tufted headboard can be created in a few hours.

Determine measurements of the head. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the bed frame or the mattress to be used with tufted headboard, and then add 2 inches to the width measured in accordance with Therapy apartments. The height of the header is a personal choice, but must be measured from the top of the mattress to your preferred height on the wall.

Select the width and height measurement with a carpenter’s pencil in the MDF and use a table saw to cut the MDF along the lines. Creating a grid for buttons. The eyelets should be spaced evenly to a symmetrical pattern. Use a tape measure and a carpenter to mark the place where he will be attached to each button pencil. Place the foam to the MDF. Spray the adhesive foam and upholstery lay the batting on top, making sure it is tightened to prevent wrinkles on tufted headboard.

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