Types Of Wooden Loft Bed

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Wooden loft bed – The beds are made of a variety of materials. There are metal beds all colors of both soft texture and pebbles. There are beds made of plastic. There are beds made of many layers of cardboard that are made to look like wood. But no other material quite replaces the natural beauty of real wood bed. Fortunately, there are different forms and styles of the wooden bed so you can choose what suits you.

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Platform wooden loft bed has been gaining popularity in the last decade. These beds are modeled often low to the ground and are styled in the manner of Japanese bed frames.  A platform bed lacks a box spring because the mattress is placed directly on the flat surface of wood. These beds may have headboards and footboards as well. But some do not. They work best with memory foam mattresses.

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Canopy wooden loft bed is a traditional style that has existed for centuries worldwide. The bed frame is just a few meters off the ground, and in each corner of the bed is set high. Posts have their own design elements and can be simple or elaborately carved. These beds traditionally have a high headboard and footboard no. Canopy and sleigh beds call fairy tales of mind and far. Many girls fantasize about falling asleep on a rollaway bed or canopy.

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