Upholstered Linen Headboard Decorations

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Linen headboard – Natural linen grain or not too much as we love bullet choice for any upholstered headboard. It is an elegant, simple and able to convey that characteristic warmth of French fabrics if we succeed in choosing color fabric. In particular national fabrics and Yutes Guell Lamadrid . These two textile have in their collections fine linen with a wide range of colors and textures.

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Flax does not have to be a delicate fabric. It is true that this fabric is also associated with very fine, gauzy curtains and almost transparent, but in this tissue also find very sturdy fabrics with a high Martindale. Linen headboard can be 100% linen or bring in its composition a mixture of two tissues as could be cotton or polyester.

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The truth is that there are linen fabrics in its composition being a very low percentage of flax the manufacturer have managed both to the touch and to the visual sensation is very difficult to distinguish this feature. If you like the linen headboard and you’re thinking of an upholstered headboard for your bedroom advise for buying this product.

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