Use Modern Bookends To Decorate Your Living Rooms

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Modern bookends – Your novels are becoming a strain on your storage? They need not be. Books and make functional and decorative Here are a few techniques to use them creatively. Make two piles of coffee-table-type books together and place a long rectangular piece of glass over the stacks.

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Give a tidy look, so they’re a plus in decoration. Control of the books by integration of captivating color and images in bookshelf displays can turn the shelves at a design statement, instead of a decorating diversion. Be creative in finding places for bookcases, especially in case you book more than space.

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Create modern bookends with books by propping up the little ones on the back of a piano or on a ledge in the hallway, stand up larger ones in the rear of a heavy desk or blouse or from them on the tops of kitchen cabinets and armoires to put high. Leave the novels play a part in a distinctive center, mantle decoration or table cape. Easter, for instance, you can display a basket of colored eggs, a stuffed rabbit and a storybook Peter Rabbit.

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