Velvet Sofa For Living Room

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Velvet Sofa For Living Room – Velvet has been identified in numerous environments with elegance and sophistication. Considered from other times luxury goods, velvet has a unique feel. Very soft, it is notable for its iridescent character.

The velvet for good or bad does not leave anyone indifferent: it is a love or hate material. And like all materials of this kind, it should be used sparingly; combined with other materials. While we noted that the environment will bring a classic touch.

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In addition to its texture, velvet sofas are very popular for their flexibility, both in terms of design and the range of colors available. Gray, green, blue and pink are probably the most popular colors. If you want a minimalist style, opt for cushions of the same material and color as the sofa; if you want a lively and fun set, choose patterned cushions play contrast.

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The velvet sofas are comfortable thanks to its soft touch and warm, thanks to its texture. The “but” we are found at its finest; the velvet is an expensive material and breaks more easily than synthetic materials. Cleaning and maintenance are complicated; direct sunlight tends to discolor and stains are difficult to remove.

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