Vertical Wood Siding Installation

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Vertical wood siding can give a structure unique rustic appearance while protecting the underlying structure from water damage and sunlight. The application of coating vertical wood, involves using a chalk line to ensure even straight installation. Corrosion resistant nails should be used to fix the lining of per-installed furring strips or directly to the structure of the house.

A variety of different styles vertical wood siding coating. Individual boards or prefabricated panels can be attached to the structure to be expensive. To create a good water resistance, the boards or panels must interlock with each other, or a board and batten pattern can be employed. Panels generally employ a simple ship lap pattern, in which the front edge of a pane fits over the rear edge of an adjacent panel. Individual boards can use the same mechanism to ensure water resistance.

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On a board and batten pattern, larger enclosure plates are attached to the frame with a gap of about 1/4 inch to the left among them. Then a narrower ribbon is fixed on the hole to create a waterproof shell. Use a plumb line to apply vertical wood siding. Set the first course based on this guideline, check the level of each fourth year or fifth. If your panels or boards begin to lower the level, make minor adjustments for several courses, instead of making one remarkable repair.

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