Vintage Nightstands Ideas

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Place plastic covers under the table to protect the floor. Rub down with furniture cleaner poured onto a clean cloth, soap and sugar (follow the instructions to dilute the cleaner with water). The cleaner is helpful for removing grease, stains, dirt and dust. Rinse with sterile water with clean cloth.

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The design of the French home is inspired by the manner of life, the colors and the cottage charm of Provence, France. The furniture is often painted with a light color vintage nightstands that matches a classic finish, making the piece seem old and aged.

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Paint the entire surface of the table, with a brush loaded with white paint that you are well mixed and poured into a menu. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

Put shiny surfaces printer devices by applying a layer on a clean cloth and rubbing it on the. Enable the solution dry for at least two hours. After that, the surface of the table looks slightly and rustic marbled, providing an adhesive coating for painting.

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