What Is A Parsons End Table?

Posted on Living Room & Decor

Parsons end table came only around the 1930s, when a decorator lecture at Parsons School of Design in Paris branch asked his students to develop a standard table that would work with various embellishments, and in different situations. The basic, boxy table was born. The basic design of Parsons table since been adapted to create coffee table, side tables, dining tables, consoles and Parsons C accent tables.

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A parsons end table has all the features a standard Parsons table. These include a boxy, basic form of bone is the same thickness as the head of the table. C- Accent table has added features to be in a C-shape, with the table top, lateral support and table bottom forming a letter C.

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The table consists of two squares held together by rectangular side, forming a crude letter C. The square top and bottom of the table are the same size, while the rectangle is as wide as the boxes but a little higher. Parsons end table usually measure about 18 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 25 inches high.

Type parsons end table is wood has long been the standard material for traditional Parsons Tables, but tubes are common for parsons end table. Steel pipe provides the framework for a piece of glass or other materials placed in the top of the frame to the table top. Other tabletop options are granite, quartz, marble or wood.