Why Choose Microfiber Sofa

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Microfiber sofa is characterized by being composed of a soft, durable and sturdy to cover sofas of any genre and style. The microfiber is used to cover sofas and classic but also modern sofa beds and headboards, sofas and chairs.

The main characteristics of microfiber sofa are the practicality and durability that is able to guarantee thanks to the versatility and easy cleaning during maintenance. Before being machine washed at home at 30 ° microfiber can be cleaned and stained; this operation is made ​​possible by anti stain.

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Choose a sofa in microfiber quality means, then, to have a stylish, hard-wearing, washable and ideal for those with children in the family as well as a product aesthetically valid. The suede effect, in fact, makes it smooth and soft.

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These features combined with excellent value for money make it much appreciated by those who have to use for the production of furniture for the house. Microfiber sofa is also available in a wide range of colors from pastel to bright colors, to the shades classic. While having a thick texture thanks to a micro porous membrane microfibers guarantee excellent breathability. Single device for microfiber (as for all tissues) should be avoided direct exposure to the sun.

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