Wide Plank Laminate Flooring Ideas

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Wide plank laminate flooring pine boards wear out and scratched through years of normal use. Installation wide plank pine flooring is not difficult, and brings a bygone elegance fashion to any room. Although installing wide plank pine flooring is long, you can do it yourself without hiring a professional and save money. Wide pine floors also add value to your home.

Wide plank laminate flooring, measure the room and turn the area in square feet. To do this, measure the length and width of the room. Multiply the two numbers. Clear the room and then remove baseboards and floor moldings. You need to expose the subfloor. Countersink nail heads protruding so they are 1/8 inch below the surface.

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Wide plank laminate flooring, stretch rosin paper to cover the ground. From the wall perpendicular to the floor joists, stapling resin paper stapled down 1/16. As you move, mark each beam downstairs with a straight edge. Overlap resin paper 4 to 5 inches in each row. Draw a line of chalk on paper resin using a ruler and plum bob. You need the first row to be as straight as possible. Find the longest tables have for the first row. Place the first board down along the chalk line. Leave a 1/2-inch between the floorboards of pine and wall. Butt the ends of the boards together. You probably have to measure and cut the last board so it is the proper length.

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