Wine Barrel End Table Furniture

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Wine barrel end table  – Wine barrel that traditional mind is made of oak, which helps the aging process of the wine. At the end of its useful life as a wine barrel often recycled and turned into indoor and outdoor and accessories such as table and container planting. To keep them and that they survive as long as possible, it is important to prepare well before putting them to use. Those who are lucky to live near wineries will find that it can take a barrel cheaper used. Scrub the barrel well inside and out with a brush and a solution of chlorine bleach with warm water to remove mold, dust and debris. Wear rubber gloves while doing this.

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Rinse the barrel with water and allow to completely dry in the open air. Fill holes and cracks with wood filler if desired wine barrel end table . This can improve the appearance of the age and authenticity of the barrels and can leave them. Check the metal that holds the barrel rings together. These can be purchased online if you have obstacles that must be replaced. You can find will be more than a little with sandpaper will be enough to restore them if they are rusted. Sand rough edges in wood with 120-grit sandpaper. Use a cloth or brush to remove any residue of wood dust.

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The stain of the barrel if you decide that you want to modify or enhance the colors. Apply the stain by rubbing with a cloth, but do not apply stain over a circle of metal wine barrel end table . If you like the color of the barrel how, you can skip this step. Choose a wood varnish can be transparent or color and is applied with a brush. Allow the varnish to dry. Without varnish on a circle of metal.

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