Wine Barrel Wine Rack Ideas

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The ends of planks are cut and left to a slot for placing the heads of the wine barrel wine rack, which seal the top and bottom. The entire cap is that the opening at the center barrel.

A wine barrel wine rack is usually made up of eight oak staves, or strip, forming a bulging cylinder. The shape of the protrusion is designed so that the barrel can be easily transferred, by rolling.

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Wine barrel wine rack can be made of American oak and French. The second is used for longer and is much more desirable to consider when making wine in wooden barrels. Most of the latter stems from bamboo planted in the time of Napoleon for shipbuilding forests. Most wine barrels consider between 56 and 63 kg, and can store about 121 l of wine.

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Staves or wooden strips are held in place by six to eight inches of metal surrounding the barrel, spaced along its span. The ring head is on peak of the then comes a ring in one room, and 2 rings bilge. There’s another ring in the lower quarter, and then one on the floor of this barrel.

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