Wood Lap Siding Installation

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Traditional wood lap siding installed in a home is a classic look that even modern, such as vinyl, try to replicate technologies. If installed correctly, lap siding can last for years with minimal effort by the homeowner. With basic carpentry skills, you can install lap siding on your house like a do-it-yourself project. Wood lap siding is wider than is visible when installed. The amount of wood shown is the “reveal”. You can choose a variety of widths within flat wood lap siding styles to achieve the desired look. A narrow reveal is the style that most resembles historic lap siding.

Choose another wood lap siding if the flat look is not for your home. The most common options include tongue and groove back the ship, rebated and rustic. Each style offers a number of variations. Some manufacturers offer lap coating a wood product that resembles logs when installed. Choose a lap siding product that has a natural resistance to water damage, as well as insects. His lap siding dealer should be able to help you find the right wood for your part of the country.

Protect the lives of its coating overlapped by all primed before installation. That also includes the flat part that goes against the house. While the area between the coating and the coating must be waterproof, water can find its way in creating rotten spots in time. Remember prime any edge you cut too. Sealing your home with adequate shelter can also work to protect your wood lap siding. Whether you are installing lap siding on a new or old structure, the moisture barrier must be new

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