Wood Paneling Makeover Remodel

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Wood paneling makeover – To remodel your House, you might want to transform a wall of wood panels makeover. Dark wall panels are often considered old and were popular in homes built during the 1960s and 70s. Remove panels or other wall of your home wood may be extremely difficult and could damage the surrounding wall surface. Placed plaster on the wall of wood to create a professional-looking wall finish. Once it is dry, the plaster could be painted with latex paint.

Prepare the environment. Remove all the furniture from the environment or move it to several feet away from the wall of wood paneling makeover. Place plastic sheeting and protective covers on the ground and the remaining furniture and decorative objects. The wooden makeover wall with a medium grade sanding block-sanding. Clean the wall once the entire surface has been sanded smoothly. This will give you a grip to the gypsum surface and ensure you that it sticks well.

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It seals the surface of the wood with a unified. It passes roller with paint with a medium roller. Make sure all areas are covered. If the painting seem transparent, adds another layer. Do not add too much pressure on the roller over the painting. In addition, soft strokes are the only necessary. Add gypsum to the entire wall. Open a bucket of premixed drywall compound. Dip a wet roll of 3 inches (7.5 cm) of plaster and begins to spread the compound on the surface of the wood paneling makeover. Roll in different directions. Using the edge of the palette for plaster or a spatula, smooth the peaks of any height created by the roller in the plaster. It softens and leave to dry.

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