Wood Plank Walls Ideas

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In this cold season in many of our houses wood becomes the protagonist. In some, wood is the protagonist that feature a fireplace and heat it provides is thanks to wood or other, have the good fortune to walk barefoot to have a parquet floor house. Others, like me, we do not have wooden floors and fireplace but we feed it wood in the head because we like to insulate the walls of our house wooden lining the walls. So today I want to share a few wooden walls if they are thinking about wood plank walls redecorating the house or any room of this and want to use the wood for the walls. I personally love the idea of ​​having the walls of my wooden house, if not my entire hole in the wall, maybe decorate wooden part of it

Now it seems that is brought back in fashion, even  come to see walls made of the same wood planks they sell to the ground. The wooden walls always gave me two sensations before or were typical of wealthy wood plank walls homes decorated seriously or simply treated in a rustic house. Today the environments that are created with wooden walls are very different and, above all, that is what I like, you can make our house is the most original of all thanks to them.

Well it seems.  could see a set in which the wall was decorated with wood and it was white color, but also if looking wooden walls today, you can see that the trend is to do with lacquered wood color White. In wood plank walls white is the perfect color for the walls of a house as it is the only thing able to combine with everything else, it is a color that gives few problems in this regard and which, if you can play with papers and other colors in the walls or furniture. If you also want their walls are made of wood, they give a white result terrific addition to your home and how they will be able to see, in every room, in a study, kitchen, living room or bathroom. To see what you think

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