Wood Slab Dining Table Without Tablecloth

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Wood slab dining table – Typically, the lunch and dinner, both at home and in restaurants, the tables are protected with tablecloths . The tablecloths can be fabric or paper, can cover the table completely or only partially, but in one format or another use is most prevalent. However there is also the possibility of not using them and it seems that is becoming trend.

Until now it was more or less frequent outdoor tables and metal or plastic easy to clean, but increasingly began to see more wood slab dining table without tablecloth and inside some establishments . Aesthetically we must recognize that it is very nice, but for wood does not seem the best and may have other drawbacks.

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Friday dinner in a restaurant with tables I found very similar to the pictures of this article. The table was treated to be used light-wood uncovered in very hygienic and resistant beginning, however stains left on her scary red wine. The table tablecloth prevents staining and it is easier to wash him clean the surface of this normally.

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I’m not saying I do not like the wood slab dining table in sight, obviously the tablecloth cover the natural beauty of the wood surface , but I have doubts whether failure to use cloth will be just as hygienic to use and whether give such good results long-term. We will see these tables as follows within a few years, if just as nice or badly damaged by use and over time.

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