Wooden Dog Beds Ideas

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Wooden dog beds – The dog needs a comfortable bed . Although, to get it, you need not spend money. The dog bed can also be made ​​with antique furniture and drawers and comfortable which are original resting places for the tenant home hairier. This article offers six great ideas for making dog bed at home. And the purse will suffer.

Notice that is easy to prepare a special niche to your pet, you need only wooden dog beds box and decorate to your taste, add a comfortable cushion or some old blankets and ready. Your cat will thank you. This project is something more elaborate, but if you like crafts, with a bit of wool and suitable filler, in a short time can create a beautiful and comfortable bed for your dog. Maybe add a bed for your pet requires a space that sometimes you do not have. If you have this “problem” at home, you can adapt furniture to add a cushion or blankets and create a comfortable space for your beloved pet.

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This is another example of how to take advantage of a cabinet that has a gap, said gap to transform into a bed for your pet. Wooden dog beds pallets used to create furniture are another trend that is very much in vogue today. And as you can see in this picture, make a bed for dog with a pallet, it is as easy and practical.

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